The muscles and tendons of the eyelids can begin to droop and sag with age. Sometimes this leads to the upper or lower eyelid being so loose that it turns inside out causing an eyelid ectropion. This can cause redness, irritation, discharge, pain and tearing. In an ectropion repair, the tendons of the eyelids are tightened with sutures through small incisions in the eyelids. Ectropion repair is typically done for medical/functional purposes, but the tightening of the eyelid often also improves the appearance of the eyelids!






Entropion is a similar condition to ectropion. However, instead of the loose eyelid turning outward, the loose eyelid turns inward. In this condition, the eyelashes often rub on the cornea, causing pain, discharge, tearing, and puts the patient at risk for scratches and infections of the cornea. Entropion is also repaired by tightening the eyelid to prevent inversion.