Tear Duct Repair


Your natural tears get absorbed into your body through your tear drainage system. This begins
at a small opening, or “punctum” in the inside corner of your upper and lower eyelids. From the
punctum, the tears flow through a small passageway, or “canaliculus” into a larger structure in
the side of the nose called a “lacrimal sac.” From here, the tears drain through the tear duct, and
ultimately empty into the nose where they are absorbed or evaporate. Sometimes, the tear duct
of your eye can get blocked. Some causes of blocked tear duct include anatomical abnormalities, chronic infections, aging, trauma, or tumors. A blocked tear duct causes your tears to run down your face anytime throughout the day. A blocked tear duct can also lead to serious infections as bacteria can become trapped inside of the lacrimal sac. During your office consultation, your tear duct can be tested with a variety of in-office procedures to determine if you have a blocked tear duct.

A blocked tear duct can be repaired surgically with a variety of methods. In some cases, tear
duct repair can be performed endoscopically, which is a scar free method of repairing the tear
duct. Your oculoplastic surgeon will discuss the options with you and make the best
recommendation for your situation.