Southern Nevada's Largest Physician Owned Ophthalmology Group

We provide a center of excellence for eye care with evidence-based, compassionate service as our highest priority.

At Meadows Eye we understand the significance of serious eye disease and the value of the correct diagnosis and treatment. We ensure every patient has a thorough understanding of his or her condition, the recommended diagnostic tests, and the treatment options available.

Your Visit

New patient evaluations can take up to 2 hours. Your eyes will be dilated and we recommend you bring a driver to your visit. Your initial visit will consist of a thorough dilated eye examination to evaluate the entire retina. You may undergo one or more additional tests including scleral depression, OCT scan, fluorescein angiography, ultrasound, or visual field testing. Click on the link below for more information about these tests. Some of these tests will be done at the initial visit, others will need to be scheduled on a separate visit.

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